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:: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 ::

Ye Olde Update

Just an FYI: This blog is on something of a haitus in favor of grad school. My company has kindly agreed to pay for the bulk of it. And I mean bulk -- tuition, all books -- recommended ones too -- and class related fees. Even if it's not work related.

I have to pay for parking, student services, and a few other fees but I'm paying roughly 400 a semester for two classes a semester. In return, I just have to get a B or higher. (The company wants it's money back if I don't, and the institution will ask me to shape up or leave the graduate program as well).

I estimate it'll take about 2 1/2 more years to get my Master's in CS -- at the moment, I have no interest in going further. However, my first semester was difficult. I ended up taking a class with a very high workload (even for graduate level classes. Most of my fellow students did more work in that single class then they did for all their other classes combined) and the other was taught by an excellent professor, but the subject matter was rather difficult to me. I have always been weak in mathematics, and I got thrown head first into (for me) some rather esoteric applications of set theory.

I think I got an A- and a B in my two classes -- I will find out soon enough. So blogging will be in bursts, when classes are light. As you can tell, I've been really busy since mid-October.
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