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:: Saturday, September 24, 2005 ::


I made it through fine. Neither I nor my Dad lost power, and other than cleaning up some broken branches, no damage at my father's. My house has a single large branch down over my back fence, but the fence is fine so I only need to drag it out to the curb. No damage there either.

I'll be moving my things back to my home (computer towers, mostly) later today, once the rain dies down. I hope everyone else rode this through safely.
:: Morat 6:41 AM :: ::

:: Friday, September 23, 2005 ::

Rita on my mind

Just an update here -- I live in Houston, so Rita has been very heavily on my mind. My wife and family evacuated early, so they weren't caught in the current nightmare of traffic. I had planned to leave yesterday morning, but one look at the traffic convinced me I was much better off staying home or in the local shelter.

With Rita continuing to move eastward, I'm breathing a little easier. I'm very worried about one of the trees near my home (and it's likely path onto my garage) but that's what hurricane insurance is for. As for flooding or storm surge, I'm well above the 22 foot storm surge line, and my home weathered Allison easily.

I'm not taking my eye of this storm, but I'll let you guys know what it's like, as best I can. The computer will be off during the worst of the storm.

As for myself, I'm at my father's house (about three miles from mine), since the old man could use a little help (I was on his stupid roof yesterday, clearing branches, and I hate being on a roof) and his house is far less likely to lose power than mine. (I have above ground power lines). My computer towers are packed up and in the hallway here, safe from broken winds or water. My home is as storm-proof as I can make it (no plywood to be had, sadly) and my post-hurricane plans include storm shutters for the more exposed windows, and pre-cut plywood with hurricane clips for the rest.

I'll blog as I can -- with the hurricane moving that far east, we may actually retain power -- but I won't be risking my father's computer, so I'll be quiet during the height of the storm.

To anyone in Houston -- be careful. We probably dodged a bullet here, but our luck could change. Even so, Galveston and the low-lying areas aren't a safe place to be, so please make sure you're somewhere high and dry, and be careful of windows.

See you guys, at the least, on the other side of Rita.
:: Morat 10:28 AM :: ::

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