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:: Friday, September 16, 2005 ::

Bush's speech

Was it any good? I didn't watch it. Rummaging around various blogs, it appears a LOT of people -- even the politically addicted -- either didn't watch it or didn't find it worth spending much time on.

I think that's rather a bad sign for Bush. It's hard to sell that contrition to the American public if the American public has not only got fairly hard opinions on your performance and then doesn't bother watching the speech designed to change your mind.

Call it "Speech fatigue". It seems like everytime someone drops a pin, Bush is up there preempting shows and giving some lame-ass "important speech" that almost always ends up being a rehash of whatever it is he was already talking about -- just to a bigger audience. A Presidential speech, like anything else, can be overused.

So I didn't watch. My parents didn't watch. None of my friends watched. No one I know watched. I asked around at work (we've got a good political mix here)and not only did no one watch....no one cared.
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