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:: Thursday, January 20, 2005 ::

Spongebob Backlash

Now, see, this is ridiculous:
On the heels of electoral victories barring same-sex marriage, some influential conservative Christian groups are turning their attention to a new target: the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.
Why? Because James Dobson claims Spongebob is appearing in a "pro-homosexual video". Of course, Spongebob is appearing in a music video about multiculturalism which contains no references to sexual identity whatsoever.

Not that it matters to Dobson. A critical aspect of Dobson's brand of Christianity -- and Bush's ability to get their support -- lies in the constant belief that they are persecuted. Even by the sponges.

The GOP and conservative groups have spent the last two or three decades tying any liberal stupidity to the Democrats, no matter how remote -- or nonexistent -- the actual connection.

Given the actual pull Focus on the Family has with the Bush White House, trumpeting this sort of blatant stupidity should be right up some 527's alley. Raid Social Security to pay for tax cuts to the rich and ban Spongebob. That's an administration that's got it's priorities straight.

Osama Bin Laden might be able to hide, but Bush isn't going to let a sponge make a mockery of him! (Link via Altercation)

:: Morat 9:52 AM :: ::

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