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:: Wednesday, July 07, 2004 ::


I'll be out of town until Monday. Family vaction-type thing. The dates got changed a bit at the last minute, so I've been frantically trying to get done with work that I thought I had more time with...
:: Morat 10:13 AM :: ::

:: Tuesday, July 06, 2004 ::

Veep Choice

It's Edwards. You can all rest quietly now.
:: Morat 9:05 AM :: ::


I went and saw it on Sunday. As for myself, I found the back half of the film rather hard to handle. I think that one image, that of an Iraqi woman screaming in grief and anger, will stay with me a very long time.

Moore's got a surprisingly deft touch, and whenever the images threatened to overwhelm, Moore would switch to a related -- but easier to process -- point. As with many bloggers, I knew most of it already. It wasn't exactly what I'd expected. I've never seen a Moore film, and I was honestly expecting something a bit more...rabid. The film was subdued, and Moore wisely let the images do most of the work.

It was my mother's reaction that was interesting, however. She confided in me that she really hadn't wanted to go, and that the night before she was really regretting that she agreed. That morning, she had read a pair of Op-Eds on the film (one being Krugman's piece, the other was -- in her word -- "A list of Hollywood names and some sort of unconnected rant on why their support proved it was evil or something") and really was uncertain about going. She didn't know what to expect, and was rather afraid that it was going to be two hours of screaming and ranting.

Then she saw the film. She was furious. Not so much with Bush, but with the media. I've never seen her quite that angry. She was absolutely livid. She kept demanding to know why they (the media) had never told her any of these things. She sounded like me. For a woman that is the ultimate swing voter (although she leans more GOP), she sounded...well, she sounded like me. (She thumped that particular anti-F9/11 column a lot and was really irate in general).

And the vast bulk of it was directed at the media. She was angry at Bush too (angry enough that, basically put, nothing short of death will stop her from voting for Kerry, even if she doesn't really like him) but it was like a candle next to a bonfire.

Too many people see F9/11 solely in terms of George Bush.....but I think that media should be just as worried. All I can say is that two hours of movie did more to shove my mother off the fence than four years of reasoned appeal by her sons (and my brother is a darn persuasive man). If I were Karl Rove, I'd be wetting myself right now....
:: Morat 7:41 AM :: ::

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